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Polyamide 6.12 (PA6.12) greatly resembles PA6.10 and in terms of its mechanical, thermal and electrical properties it is also similar to the cheaper PA6, but has significantly lower moisture absorption and better barrier properties.

PA6.12 has the characteristic polyamide properties like resistance to wear, impact and chemicals, but also behaves excellently as regards permeability, moisture absorption and shape stability. Typical applications include tubes for liquids, fibres for toothbrushes and precision seals.

PA6.12 is usable at continuous temperatures of up to 110°C, but at higher temperatures thermal ageing occurs quickly. Moisture absorption is 0.4% at 23°C/50% RH and 2.8% after saturation in water. As a result of these circumstances, the mechanical properties and dimensions of the product remain more constant compared with similar materials such as PA6 or PA6.6.

Resistance to chemicals like oils, greases, aliphatic hydrocarbons and alkaline substances is excellent, but the same cannot be said of concentrated acids and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Chlorine salts can cause stress cracks.

Reinforced PA6.12 possesses good mechanical properties, similar to those of PA6. A noteworthy property is its corrective capability after bending in moist conditions, which explains its suitability for brushes.