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Over KIK

KIK Kunststoffen Industrie was founded in 1968. More than 40 years of specialisation and innovation in the production of high-quality injection-moulded plastic products have secured for us a strong position in a variety of different market segments. Day in, day out, we are committed to reinforcing this position. Our key drivers are our investments in knowledge acquisition, the latest injection moulding technologies, process control, automated quality monitoring and efficiency.

Like many other injection moulding companies, we have mastered the technology down to the very last detail. Although this is obviously an important basis for KIK’s business, we have added a valuable extra dimension. We brainstorm pragmatically with the customer, for example, often at the beginning of the development path. We input real knowledge and hands-on experience in the choice of design and materials. Our old-fashioned commitment results in lasting relationships with our customers.

Limitless product portfolio

KIK has customers Europe-wide, predominantly in the Benelux countries and Germany. Thanks to our multifaceted know-how, problem-solving capability and flexibility, we are able to serve numerous markets. Our principal activity is custom-moulding, or working to the customer’s specifications. But we also market an extensive range of standard parts for internal transport systems. At KIK ‘standard’ is a flexible term, because wherever possible we meet the customer’s special wishes for such matters as colour.

Versatile organisation

In itself injection moulding is not an exceptional art. What makes the difference is contributing effectively to the quality of the end-product. The advice that KIK gives in the initial production phase is built on knowledge and experience. Ultimately, this results in a perfectly controllable production process with precise tolerances.

KIK stands out in the marketplace as an expert and versatile company. We possess in-house all the disciplines necessary to turn an idea or drawing into a perfect end-product. It goes without saying that we welcome constructive co-makership with the client and its internal or external design and engineering agencies. KIK has all the facilities necessary to make, modify and repair moulds in-house. If there is a little more time, however, the client can opt for an attractive price from an Asian mould supplier.

By working efficiently and with a focus on the end-result, KIK can provide a competitive offer for virtually any need. Our regular customers attach great importance to our additional service provisioning because it is precisely what makes KIK an extremely attractive project partner. We have a great deal to offer customers in terms of knowledge of materials, injection moulding simulations (Moldflow) and strength calculations (Structural FEA). In short, when you do business with KIK, you’re doing business with a supplier capable of providing end-to-end service, all the way from advice to end-product – no matter how complex it is!