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Electronics & Electrical Engineering

Specific applications: parts for switches, electronic and electrical products.

For many decades plastic has been a frequently used material in electrical and electronic products. At the outset an important factor was the low cost price, combined with the high insulation value. After all, most plastics conduct very poorly and provide safe shielding from very high voltages. Today, factors like rigidity, precise dimensions, flame extinction and environmental-friendliness also play a major role when designing plastic parts for these applications.

Clients in this market sector are bound by international standards for safety, quality and sustainability. So manufacturers of electrical components have acquired a lot of expertise in the plastics field. Where matters like mechanical strength or the insulation value and breakdown voltage of certain parts are concerned, the designers are perfectly able to translate these requirements to a certain material with certain dimensions. KIK adds to this know-how a considerable amount of experience. It adds up to a surprisingly successful combination!