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Sport & Leisure

Specific applications: plastic, plastic-plastic and metal/plastic parts for bicycles and garden furniture.

Components produced by KIK are used by major cycle manufacturers and producers of sports articles.

The high-quality experience that comes with products made by Gazelle, Giant, Batavus or Koga has everything to do with an appealing design, ease of use and the long durability of their products. To materialise this perception every part, no matter how small, must meet stringent aesthetic and quality requirements.

Plastic parts for the sport & leisure market must not only be strong and durable, but also capable of withstanding the weather and sunlight (cold, heat, UV). Other factors of great importance are safety, functionality and ease of use. No matter how extensive the requirements are, KIK regards every order as a sporting challenge. Our ‘trophy cabinet’ is crammed with awards for a long series of successful injection moulding products.